SEO and your startup

Try do it yourself SEO and watch your startup business fail.

SEO Search Engine Algorithms are far more complicated than even three years ago. 

SEO and website marketing are no longer a sport for amateurs. It wasn’t that long ago that, with just a little but of reading on the internet in conjunction with maybe a book or two, one could successfully promote their own website. This was, and still is, done by having knowledge of what search engines look for in ranking a website. Things have changed in the last five years, however, and the algorithm used by google, yahoo and the likes to determine those page rankings has become substantially more difficult to solve, especially when you are simultaneously trying to turn your startup into a successful business enterprise.

Startups already face a difficult road, why let SEO make it more difficult?

Statistics vary wildly but anywhere from 85% – 98% of new businesses fail within the first few years. Marketing, and in 2017 internet marketing in particular, can make or break a new business if not handled properly. You can spend far too much of your initial working capital on marketing, but not spend it in a manner designed to attract the customers you want or the amount of business you need. Even worse, you hire an SEO “expert” who has all the credentials, but whose results are garbage because they don’t understand the recent changes in SEO any more than the next person.

How much do you know about keyword selection?

The most common problem I’ve seen recently is poor keyword selection. People became far too reliant on Google Adwords alone to determine what keywords needed to be used to rank a website. This is especially true among local SEO experts, despite their statements to the contrary. Google Adwords is the easiest and cheapest piece of software to use for this purpose, and it by no means is something that shouldn’t be utilized. But you have to know how to use it properly for it to be effective. You have to find low competition keywords and/or master longtail keywords to have any shot. Further, if your business is more than just internet based, you need a mastery of local keywords.

What information is considered in search engine rankings?

On top of this, search engines now take into effect the amount and quality of written material on your website in determining their rankings. If you outsource your written work / blog content, that’s fine, but it needs to be to someone who isn’t going to try and use a content spinner to regurgitate materials already available on the internet. It needs to be original, decently written, and no less than 500 words. Sure it would be best if you could do it yourself, but content writing can become cumbersome when also trying to get a successful business off the ground. Just make sure the person you hire has work you can review in advance, and make sure they speak the language of your website fluently. A disturbing trend in content writers I’ve noticed recently is they will claim fluency, then submit work to google translate. This is a terrible idea for so many reasons.. I’m not even going to explain, just test it out yourself. You’ll understand.

At we have people on staff that are trained in SEO as the algorithms change, including at least one individual that worked with Google on the previous changes. We also have worked with a vast network of freelancers and know where to find they best content writers for the best prices. Keep in mind that you need to protect yourself as well as create an SEO enriched site. Protect your startup with a corporation today. Check out today or go ahead and contact us by email and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a personal response letting you know how we can be of assistance.

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