Nevada LLC Incorporation

The Nevada LLC Myth

People often ask about the benefits of LLC formation in certain states. Besides Nevada, among the most requested are (in no particular order) Delaware, Wyoming, New Mexico and South Dakota. There are certain benefits that make each of the states…
successful startup traits

10 Successful Startup Traits

A Perfect Budget. A perfect budget and an accounting system to ensure the budget is followed. All too often businesses have failed that looked primed to succeed and expand because of a lack of funding. A closer look almost always…
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SEO and your startup

Try do it yourself SEO and watch your startup business fail.

SEO Search Engine Algorithms are far more complicated than even three years ago.  SEO and website marketing are no longer a sport for amateurs. It wasn’t that long ago that, with just a little but of reading on the internet in conjunction…
LLC for asset protection

How does an LLC protect my assets?

An LLC can protect my assets from creditors? The LLC offers  a variety of protections that make it difficult to seize an individual’s interest in an LLC. Any creditors of an LLC member cannot force the sale of a member’s interest, though…
Legal Documents for startups

6 Legal Documents every startup needs.

By: S.W. Haeger 1. Corporate Shareholder Agreement. If your startup will consist of more than one owner, a shareholder’s agreement, while not a legal requirement, becomes necessary in the sound running and maintenance of your company.…
fictitious name registration

Should I register a fictitious name for my business?

Ever wonder why companies opted to use fictitious business names? There’s a number of reasons to file a fictitious name registration, each of which we’ve tried to cover in some detail. And, as always, should you have any questions or concerns…
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What are the benefits to Delaware LLC formation?

Why a Delaware LLC? The Delaware Limited Liability Company Act of 1992 paved the way for the State of Delaware, already home to many of the nations fortune 500 companies due to its’ low corporate taxes and legal system designed to benefit…
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LLC formation S-Corporation formation asset protection

Why form an S-Corporation?

By: S W Haeger What is an S-Corporation and why should I use it? You should always ask this question when starting up a new business or incorporating your partnership or sole proprietorship, as S-Corporations do have their benefits and are…